Wild Rapa (Sinapis arvenis)

The sepals and petals standing in two whorled circles form a cross-shape, leading to the former Cruciferous family name. The stamina are in two whorles. The two stamina in the outer circle are shorter than the four stamina in the inner circle. The ovary is divided by a wall and the ovules are linked to the edge of this wall. Brassicas are unique for containing more agricultural crops than any other family, cons

Acupuncture model of a cat (Chinese)

Plastic model on a wooden base; one half of the body shows the Chinese acupuncture points and meridians and the other half of the body shows the skeleton and internal organs.

DL.B Electric operation table (electric gear)
min-max height:(750-950)±50mm  
forward ≥25°   backward ≥35°
leftward≥20°    rightward≥20°
head board fold upward:≥40°   fold downward:≥90°
leg board fold downward:≥90